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Xenics is developer of innovative infrared detection solutions for a wide range of applications. Uncooled InGaAs-based devices will revolutionize the global markets for short wave infrared spectroscopy, imaging and non-contact temperature measurement. Uncooled bolometer-based products will revolutionize the markets for thermal imaging & thermography. While advanced cooled products will continue to grow in the markets that require the ultimate performance level or specialty features.

You will see many exciting new applications - commercial, industrial, medical, security-related, scientific, and many others - over the coming years. That's exactly where Xenics is positioned. Thus, Xenics will play a leading role in developing these exciting markets.

Xenics offers products covering the most active IR wavelength areas from 1 up to 14 micrometer. They come as line-scan as well as two-dimensional devices. Xenics also delivers custom detectors, cameras or electro-optic instrumentation solutions according to our customers' agreed specifications and project setups.

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