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Imaging is used to provide viewing or image capture capabilities to a wide range of applications including machine vision or inspection. Imaging setups often consist of a camera with an imaging lens, in addition to the proper illumination for the environment or application. Depending on the camera, imaging lens, or illumination source, Imaging systems can differ greatly from application to application. Cameras are designed as analog or digital for color or monochrome image capture.

Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Imaging products designed for a variety of applications. Edmund Optics offers a large selection of cameras with digital interfaces including FireWire, Camera Link, USB, or GigE, with CCD or CMOS sensors. Imaging Lenses offered include telecentric, zoom, fixed focal length, or micro-video. A variety of products designed for modifying, testing, or calibrating Imaging systems are also available, including test targets or imaging filters. Imaging accessories or adapters are available to provide additional versatility or ease-of-use.

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