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SWIR Cameras:

  • Crisp motion analysis - High frame rates and short exposures
  • World’s fastest InGaAs camera- > 1700 fps at 640x512 resolution and 12 bit per pixel
  • Spectrograph compatible - These cameras have mounting holes for spectrographs, making them suitable for (hyper)spectral imaging applications
  • Windowing to further increase frame rate - A reduced window of interest will lead to a shorter frame read time and therefore high frame rates can be achieved
  • Reliable data transfer over dual CameraLink - For high frame rate operation in 12 bit per pixel mode, the Cheetah-640-CL 1730Hz has to be connected via a dual CameraLink medium interface
  • Extending SWIR imaging to the visible- VISNIR or visible enhanced InGaAs sensors for extended response from 500 to 1700 nm


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