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"Easy Teach" Brings Reading to Basler sprint – New Success Story

Imagine looking forward to a well-earned piece of white chocolate, but instead finding dark chocolate inside the wrong packaging. Those kinds of unappreciated surprises are fortunately very rare, thanks in no small part to automated image processing systems in the food packaging industry. Many labels closely resemble one another, meaning that errors can arise during manual sorting. Post-checking packaging against contents is a time-and-cost intensive process.

Easy Teach, developed by ISW Industrielle Sensorsysteme Wichmann GmbH, is a camera-and-software-based application built around Basler sprint line-scan cameras that quickly “learns” the label and compares its graphic and text contents against an expected label template. Any deviations in the text or images are rapidly and reliably detected, with falsely labeled products sorted out directly from the production line. Expensive, time-intensive manual inspections are no longer necessary. The sprint cameras have proven an efficient and effective tool for smooth labeling processes, thanks to their precision at high speeds and outstanding color fidelity.

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