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TNL-50 LED flash unit for ITS applications

JAI’s TNL-50 is a compact, lightweight, high powered LED flash unit providing off-angle scene illumination with beam angles suitable for single-lane or dual-lane coverage. Its high strobe frequency allows for a very short trigger-to-trigger interval for use with heavy and/or fast-moving traffic, including a 75 Hz burst mode for image sequences.



  • High powered, compact size, and lightweight LED flash unit.
  • Provides off-angle illumination of vehicles and scene details.
  • Single- or dual-lane coverage.
  • Up to 75 Hz for traffic bursts & image sequences.
  • Near infrared (invisible), white, or blue spectral combinations.
  • Field proven IP66 enclosure for long-life operation.
  • Can be used with JAI or third-party vehicle imaging systems.


  • Illumination type High powered LEDs

  • Wavelengths NIR (850 nm), blue (470 nm), or broadband white

  • Optical ouptu 2400W lighting drive max (pulsed) 190W total radiant flux (pulsed)

  • Lane coverage Two options: 20° (single lane) or 40° (double lane)

  • Trigger frequency Up to 75 Hz for traffic bursts and image sequences

  • Pulse width control Programmable or controlled by input pulse width

  • Communication control Control via USB, RS485, or via VISCAM system

  • Enclosure IP66 and IK07 protection. Corrosion resistant.

  • Power 24V DC +/- 10%. Up to 5.5A with heaters on and high frequency strobing.

  • On-axis lighting LED ring lighting with white, NIR, or blue LEDs (up to 30 meters)

  • Operating temperature -30°C to +55°C

  • Weight4.0 kg maximum


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