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Fusion Series: multi-sensor, multispectral area scan cameras

JAI's multi-sensor, multispectral prism cameras provide simultaneous images of different light spectrums through a single optical path. The cameras split incoming light into two or three separate channels - typically including a visible channel from 400~680nm and one or more near infrared (NIR) channels between 700~1000nm.


This makes it possible to simultaneously inspect surface properties or printing, as well as sub-surface defects or other information which is optimally detected at NIR wavelengths. Multiple NIR channels can be used to help identify specific chemical or biological substances that exhibit different characteristics in different NIR wavebands.

The cameras are ideal for inspecting currency, checks, textiles, plastics, circuit boards, life sciences samples, and other organic items such as fruit and vegetables.

  • Two-in-one camera: Multispectral cameras allows users to replace multiple inspection cameras with a single set up.
  • Ease-of-use: JAI multispectral cameras offer ease-of use and lower equipment and maintenance costs.


  • AD-080-CL
  • AD-080-GE
  • AD-130-GE
  • FS-1600D-10GE
  • FS-3200D-10GE
  • FS-3200T-10GE-NNC


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