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Line scan cameras (mono)

JAI’s Sweep Series features 4K and 8K monochrome line scan cameras with line rates up to 200 kHz. The SW-4000M-PMCL and SW-8000M-PMCL are among the fastest monochrome line scan cameras in the industry.

The SW-4000M-PMCL features 4096 pixels per line and is capable of running at up to 200,000 lines per second. In addition, the SW-4000M-PMCL lets users select between a large well mode for maximum image quality when illumination is plentiful, or a small well mode for faster responsivity when lighting is limited or when the shortest possible shutter speeds are required.

The SW-8000M-PMCL doubles the line resolution to 8192 pixels while maintaining a fast, 100 kHz line rate for high throughput in demanding web applications. Like the SW-4000M-PMCL, it features a custom CMOS line sensor offering a 60 dB signal-to-noise ratio, flat shading correction, a 256-point look-up table, and more.


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