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Single-sensor color area scan cameras

JAI provides a wide selection of single-sensor color area scan cameras with resolutions ranging from 2.35 to 45 megapixels. Cameras are built around state-of-the-art sensor technology including the latest CMOS global shutter imagers.

For maximum imaging performance JAI’s Spark Series cameras are the ideal choice. These CMOS cameras are designed to provide an optimal blend of speed, resolution, and supreme image quality.


If there is a tough price/performance challenge, the area scan cameras in the Go Series are the way to go. These small size and low weight megapixel CMOS cameras are versatile performers for a wide range of machine vision applications.

All cameras are designed to perform in tough environments to withstand operating conditions with high vibration effects (up to 10G) and high shock occurrence (up to 80G). This classifies them among the best in relation to industrial reliability and durability.

  • Spark Series: CMOS area scan cameras with high resolution, high frame rates and supreme image quality.
  • Go Series: CMOS area scan cameras with small dimensions, high frame rates and cutting edge sensor technology.


  • GO-2400C-PGE
  • GO-2400C-PMCL
  • GO-2400C-USB
  • GO-2401C-PGE
  • GO-5000C-PGE
  • GO-5000C-PMCL
  • GO-5000C-USB
  • GO-5100C-PGE
  • GO-5100C-USB
  • GO-5101C-PGE
  • GO-5101C-PMCL
  • SP-12000C-CXP4
  • SP-12400C-PMCL
  • SP-12401C-PGE
  • SP-12401C-USB
  • SP-20000C-CXP2
  • SP-20000C-PMCL
  • SP-20000C-USB
  • SP-45000C-CXP4
  • SP-45001C-CXP4
  • SP-5000C-CXP2
  • SP-5000C-CXP4
  • SP-5000C-GE2
  • SP-5000C-PMCL
  • SP-5000C-USB


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