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Area Scan Cameras (Interlaced)

Standard format interlaced camera models are ideal for many machine vision applications, as well as surveillance or vehicle-mounted situational awareness tasks. These workhorse cameras use traditional TV format scanning and are offered with either monochrome interfaces - EIA (RS-170) or CCIR - or with color interfaces - NTSC (RS-170a) or PAL. Available output formats on color models include Y/C, RGB, and VBS.

JAI's interlaced cameras are equipped with 1/3”, 1/2", or 2/3” imagers, to provide varying levels of sensitivity across the product line. Models feature compact housings and rugged construction to enable them to fit into cramped areas and withstand the repetitive vibration and stress associated with real-world applications. Automatic shuttering, edge enhancement, frame-delay read out, and multiple electronic shuttering types are among the useful features found on different JAI camera models.


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