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Area Scan Cameras (2/3-CCD)

JAI provides a broad offering of single-sensor area scan cameras featuring progressive scan technology. These cameras incoporate a mixture of CCD and CMOS sensors with resolutions ranging from VGA up to 20 megapixels.

Customers needing maximum megapixels-per-second performance will appreciate JAI's new Spark Series cameras. These cameras use the latest CMOS sensor technology to achieve outstanding throughput while maintaining a level of image quality far surpassing previous CMOS products.


For tasks that require maximum image fidelity, JAI's offers its new Elite Series, as well as a number of other models (starting with A or B), that offer the latest CCDs from Sony and Truesense Imaging. These cameras deliver impressive combinations of high resolution, multi-tap frame rates, extended sensitivity, excellent thermal management, and advanced pre-processing features for applications where image fidelity is critical.

A selection of other area scan cameras are provided, to enable customers to find the right mix of form factor (including remote head and right angle configurations), image quality, and price/performance best suited to their needs.

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