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Relay Lenses

Relay Lenses are used to extend imaging systems or invert images for use in a range of imaging applications including microscopy, inspection, or life sciences. Relay Lenses use arrays or imaging lenses placed behind eyepieces to extend the length of imaging systems, such as in microscopes, endoscopes, or where proximity to a viewed object is not feasible. Relay Lenses may also be used to invert an image behind the eyepiece of an imaging system for proper viewing. Relay Lenses are available in a wide range of options suited to a number of relay needs.


Relay Lenses

  • C-Mount Achromatic Pairs
  • Mounted Achromatic Lens Pairs
  • Mounted Near-IR (NIR) Achromatic Lens Pairs
  • Relay Lenses
  • Specific Microscope Video Relay Lenses
  • Steinheil Triplet Achromatic Lenses

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