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New Additions to the USB 3.0 Card Portfolio

We've expanded our existing USB 3.0 portfolio of accessories to include two new PCI Express USB 3.0 cards with 2 and 4 ports respectively.

The highly efficient 2-port card features two host controllers to ensure that you can run both USB cameras in parallel and at high bandwidth without sacrificing transfer speed. The new 4-port card by contrast offers the opportunity to operate 4 USB cameras simultaneously using distribute bandwidth, a major benefit for keeping overall system costs under control.

An overview of the key features of the two cards:

USB 3.0 Card PCIe, Renesas, 2 HC, x4, 2 Ports

  • 2 ports for use of up to 2 USB cameras
  • 2 host controllers and 4 lanes to the computer for transferring at a high bandwidth of 360 MB/s per camera

USB 3.0 Card PCIe, Fresco FL1100, 1HC, x1, 4 ports

  • 4 ports for use of up to 4 USB cameras
  • 1 host controller and 1 lane to the computer for transferring at a high bandwidth of 380MB/s per camera.

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