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Labeling Data For Training A Deep Learning Classifier With HALCON 18.11

We are working on a stand-alone tool for labeling training data required for deep learning. A first version will be re­leased in the course of Q1/2019. Customers will be able to label training images for object detection and semantic segmentation: The tool facilitates assigning objects in an image to different classes using bounding boxes as well as assigning each pixel of an image to a specific class. The labeled images can then be loaded into HDevelop for training a CNN.

For customers who want to start right away, we have prepared a solution for labeling training images within HDevelop. This HDevelop script, including a supporting documentation, can be downloaded from the MVTec website.

Customers who already have their data labeled (with any tool) can get in touch with MVTec to have their training data set converted into a format readable by HDevelop.

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