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For more Safety : Drone Detection System with Basler ace USB 3.0 Camera

Safety is a major concern these days. The Sky Patriot from Rinicom is typically used in the protection of public events or to monitor stadiums. Sky Patriot consists of a series of visual sensors, analysis routines based on artificial intelligence, data-fusion algorithms and a control center platform.

One of the system’s most important hardware components is the camera, which is needed for the reliable delivery of high-quality images even under challenging light conditions outdoors. This is why the company was looking for robust cameras that allow the system to continuously search the sky for drones. The cameras must work in daylight as well as low light conditions while also supporting a wide field-of-view.

Rinicom decided on the Basler ace U USB 3.0 camera, which uses the new Sony STARVIS sensor IMX226. This camera fulfills all important requirements for the drone detection system, such as a high frame rate and excellent image quality.

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