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MERLIC 4 Distributor Webinar & Special Newsletter

In calendar week 5, 2019, we will host a MERLIC 4 Webinar. In this webinar, we will bring you up to speed regarding the upcoming MERLIC release and answer your MERLIC-related ques­tions. You will receive an invitation to this webinar soon.

You will also receive a special newsletter before the release. This will include more detailed information on additional features like, e.g., 3D vision with height images, as well as all relevant information regarding pricing, editions, etc.

Limitations in MERLIC 4

As a result of choosing a customer-centric, agile development approach for MERLIC 4, some features originally included in MERLIC 3 are not available in MERLIC 4:

The tools Communicate via OPC UA and Communicate via Digital I/O are no longer available. Process integration in MERLIC 4 works via the Hilscher-cifX interface.

The interface for custom tools has been changed: Customers who want to create a new custom tool or make an existing tool available in MERLIC 4 should contact the usual support channels to have the HALCON procedure converted into a MERLIC tool, or to have the request forwarded to MVTec support.

The MERLIC Engine is no longer available.

Protected MVApps created in MERLIC 3 can't be loaded in MERLIC 4, because MERLIC 4 uses a different, more secure, encryption. To open these in MERLIC 4, the encryption must first be removed with MERLIC 3.

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