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Apex Microscopy Solutions

Apex Microscopy Solutions is a suite of 3-CMOS area scan cameras offering advanced color imaging capabilities for microscopy applications in life sciences and industrial markets. The multi-sensor prism technology provides better color fidelity and spatial precision than traditional Bayer color cameras, while the USB3 Vision interface offers excellent plug-and-play compatibility.

All Apex Microscopy models are fully integrated with two of the most popular microscopy software solutions – Image-Pro® from Media Cybernetics and the µManager open source software package.


This suite of cameras includes both standard Apex Series cameras and also special "LSX" models offering strict screening and preventive measures to minimize the occurrence of any dust, lint, or other foreign object debris (FODs) on the prism, sensor, or in the optical path of the camera. Suitable for either life sciences or industrial applications, these "LSX" models feature white housings that are ideal for systems intended for hospitals, or clinical/laboratory environments where white housings are often preferred.

In addition, special “NF” models are offered with standard IR-cut filters removed in order to better support life sciences applications where enhanced deep-red sensitivity is required, as well as certain industrial microscopy applications where both visible and NIR analyses are performed simultaneously. These capabilities are further bolstered by the built-in color enhancement function included as a standard feature in the Apex Series cameras.

  • The most advanced color imaging technology available for brightfield or fluorescence applications in an uncooled configuration.
  • Sony Pregius IMX265 (AP-3200T models) and Sony Pregius IMX273 sensors (AP-1600T models).
  • Up to 38 frames/s for 3.2 MP models and up to 79 frames/s for 1.6 MP models. Ideal for time-lapse imaging, EDOF, or high-throughput industrial inspections.
  • Fully integrated with the popular Image-Pro image analysis platform from Media Cybernetics, and µManager, the world’s preeminent open source SW solution.
  • On-board color space conversion including: RGB to HSI, RGB to CIE XYZ and RGB to sRGB/Adobe RGB.
  • Analog gain and exposure time can be set independently for the R-G-B channels allowing for better SNR conditions.
  • Standard USB3 Vision interface.
  • Includes models with and without IR-cut filters.
  • Includes models offering maximum suppression of dust/FODs.


  • AP-1600T-USB-LS
  • AP-1600T-USB-LSX
  • AP-3200T-USB-LS
  • AP-3200T-USB-LSX
  • AP-1600T-USB
  • AP-3200T-USB


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