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Top 5 Advances in Automation

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Automation is picking up quickly as technology rapidly develops, and things we did not think were possible even ten years ago are suddenly possible. Here are our top five picks for the biggest advances happening in automation in 2022.

3D Printing in manufacturing for finished components

3D Printers have come a long way since their start in 1988. Originally, they were intended for only rapid prototyping. Now, they can be used for creating finished parts in manufacturing and even 3D printing actual homes like “ House Zero ” from ICON. Of course, today’s 3D printers still have a long way to go in refining their processes, but they have made a ton of progress just in the past couple of decades.

Self-driving cars

Big tech companies like Tesla and Google have been designing and producing driverless car technology. According to Investopedia, In 2050, self-driving cars are expected to create approximately $800 billion worth of opportunities for automakers and technology developers, said a report by Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE). High-resolution machine vision cameras and LiDar technology capable of sensing objects and people around the car will be the key to unlocking the winner of this Full Self Driving (FSD) / autonomous vehicle race between the big tech companies of the world.

24-Hour manufacturing operations

Industrial robots can operate 24/7, performing repeatable and tiresome processes. Additionally, the expensive parts typically associated with industrial robots have dropped compared with human labor in the past two decades. This allows manufacturers to achieve higher productivity and efficiency without additional labor costs.

Fine-Tuning Capabilities

Industrial robots are now equipped with further sensing, measurement, and process-control receivers that help to guide increasingly dexterous machines. The sensors in robots today can sense touch, lights, pressure, temperature, vibration, humidity, sounds, and more.

‘Semantic automation’ revolutionizes Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Currently, automation developers must tell robots what to do step-by-step: “Move this, open that, bring this…” so even in drag-and-drop, low-code environments, building intricate automation can be complicated.

But semantic automation lets developers move away from rules-based approaches. Semantic software robots use AI to simply observe activity and begin to match it without step-by-step instructions. They will recognize the process, understand what data is required, know where to get it, and where to move it.

With all the new developments in automation and robotics, it is just as important that each system features the best machine vision optics. Data flows from the lens first, and Computar’s Machine Vision lenses come in multiple sizes, focal lengths, and with convenient capabilities perfect for automation and robotic applications.


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