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HALCON Now Available for ARM-based Platforms

With the release of HALCON 13.0.1 on June 1. HALCON will also be available for ARM®-based platforms. This version will be available as a regular download from the MVTec website.

From version 13.0.1 onwards, HALCON will also run natively on a large variety of ARM-based platforms, given they meet certain system requirements. More details regarding these requirements will be made available on our website before the release.

How can customers evaluate this version?

To evaluate HALCON for ARM-based platforms, customers will need a HALCON 13 dongle with a corresponding license file. This is necessary because time restricted evaluation licenses cannot be used on embedded platforms.

HALCON 13 customers can simply use their HALCON 13 dongle for evaluating HALCON for ARM-based platforms. Potential customers (or customers without a HALCON 13 dongle) must be supplied with a "lending" dongle, which needs to be stocked by distributors. MVTec recommends distributors to create a special "lending pool" for these "evaluation dongles". The corresponding HALCON 13 runtime license (RTL) will be provided by MVTec on request and free of charge.

To evaluate HALCON on a standard PC, the regular evaluation license can be used as usual.

How can customers buy HALCON for ARM-based platforms?

Beginning with the release of HALCON 13.0.1, licenses can be purchased according to MVTec's standard price list for HALCON. For customers with over 50 licenses per year, please use the Volume Request Form to request a custom quotation. You can find the form in the partner area. The neccessary RTL is the standard HALCON 13 RTL, plus USB Dongle HALCON (13), which can be found our price list.

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