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Variable Magnification Lenses

Variable Magnification Lenses are used to provide adjustable image magnification capability to a range of imaging applications including microscopy or factory automation. Variable Magnification Lenses are imaging components designed to be integrated with imaging systems to provide controllable image magnification capability. Variable Magnification Lenses also require the lenses to be manually refocused as magnification changes, allowing an imaging system to be precisely optimized for each degree of magnification.

Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Variable Magnification Lenses suited for many imaging needs in a variety of magnifications. Variable Magnification Lenses provide a greater degree of control by allowing for manual refocusing, which makes them ideal for many applications that do not require automated magnification adjustment. Variable Magnification Lenses are also low-cost alternatives to other automatically refocusing lenses. Variable Magnification Lenses are available for integration into a variety of imaging or microscopy systems. Lenses are also available for integrating microscope objectives.


Variable Magnification Lenses

  • InfiniGage™ C-Mount Imaging Lenses
  • InfiniMite™ Imaging Lenses
  • InfiniProbe™ Microscopes
  • InfiniProbe™ MS Variable Magnification Lens
  • InfiniProbe™ TS-160 Universal Macro/Micro System
  • Infiniprobe™ UV Microscopes
  • Infinity K2/DistaMax™ Long Distance Video Microscopes
  • K1 CentriMax™ Long Distance CentriTel® Video Microscope
  • KC VideoMax™ Long Distance Microscope
  • KX InfiniMax™ Long Distance Microscope
  • MMS® Imaging Lenses
  • VariMagTL™ Telecentric Lenses

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