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Third Party Software

While some customers prefer to write their own image processing software, many prefer to take advantage of the years of experience offered by companies that specialize in imaging software. BitFlow also provides support for customers who want to write their own code with our full featured SDK. A full set of 3rd party drivers for the most popular image processing and machine vision applications is also included.

Drivers are available for off-the-shelf 3rd party applications such as A&B Software's ImageWarp, Cognex's Vision Pro, MVTec's HALCON, The Mathworks MATLAB, National Instrument's LabView, NorPix's StreamPix, IO Industries' Streams, and Stemmer Imaging's Common Vision Blox. BitFlow also provides a TWAIN driver (TWAIN is an image acquisition standard used by hundreds of applications). If you don't see your favorite package here, please let us know!


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